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Tent/canvas fabric

As the name suggests, this fabric is ideal for making various types of canopies, tents and teepees, sales stands or pergolas. It can also be used as a cover tarp for various purposes.

We supply fabrics in a cut state, in selected colours and with adjustments. It is possible to apply water-repellent treatment that protects the fabric from water (moisture) and a fungicidal treatment which protects the fabric from mould and bacteria.

Types of tents
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Hydrophobic treatment

The hydrophobic treatment eliminates the wettability of the fabric and at the same time makes the fabric water repellent. A thin film is formed on the fabric to prevent water ingress.

Fungicidal treatment

Fungicidal or antifungal treatment belongs to the final treatment of fabrics. It is mainly used on technical fabrics, especially tent fabrics, which protect against mould and bacteria.

We offer two types of tents

Lightweight TERA tent

The fabric is made of 100% cotton and weighs 300 g/m2. It can be provided with water-repellent and fungicidal treatment.

Purpose: manufacture of small tents, shelters, sales stands and pergolas, cover tarps.

Roll width145 cm
Weight300 g/m2
Material composition100 % cotton
Coloursnatural, beige, khaki, red
Min. quantity300 m

Tent fabric 840 500

The fabric for the tents is made of a combination of cotton and polyester with a weight of 430 g/m2. It can be provided with water-repellent and fungicidal treatment.

Purpose of use: production of classic tents, where the blended yarn guarantees higher strength and thus longer service life. It can withstand more extreme weather and higher mechanical stresses.

Roll width140 cm
Weight430 g/m2
Material composition50 % cotton / 50 % polyester
Coloursnatural, beige, khaki
Min. quantity300 m

Colour design of the tent

SVITAP stan Agadir

Agadir tent

In our factory in Lomnice nad Popelkou we sew various models of tents for recreational use, but also tents for military and humanitarian purposes.

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Korsika tent

Ze stanovky šijeme v závodě v Lomnici nad Popelkou různé modely stanů pro rekreační využití, ale také stany pro vojenské a humanitární účely.

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